Sales & Customer Service

Our dedicated BDMs and Representatives, serve as your primary point of contact and remain by your side throughout the entire journey. Count on their support every step of the way.


Our highly experienced in-house estimating team is trained to provide builders with a comprehensive take-off, assisting in finding the most suitable method, price, and material for their projects.


Always one step ahead, our diligent schedulers ensure your product requirements are ready to go. They manage individual clients and projects, streamlining the process and meeting timelines efficiently.


Our dedicated procurement team leverage Glencoe’s size and reputation to source the best materials at the most competitive price. Having successfully navigated the global pandemic without missing a single order or delivery date, our team have a proven track record of ensuring customers never run short of supplies.


Our design team will provide you with solutions to ensure your project runs smoothly. The β€œbrains of the plan,” are adept at identifying and troubleshooting issues that may arise during critical phases of project, eliminating costly mistakes and project delays.


Utilizing the latest and best manufacturing equipment, systems of work, and quality assurance procedures, our low cost/high output production facilities consistently deliver industry leading quality – safely, efficiently, and effectively.


Our efficient team handle all details of the deliveries and act as a central point of communication, saving you time, money, and the headaches of coordinating with multiple businesses.

Steel Installation

Our expert team uniquely combines qualified carpenters, welders, riggers, and dogmen, all committed to the safe, comprehensive, and efficient delivery of your project. Our tailored processes serve to integrate, communicate, and deliver on our customer promise of the highest quality workmanship.


Our team of industry professionals is available to provide credit and invoicing services, effectively supporting customers and minimising potential construction delays. With their deep understanding of the building industry and its operations, they are well-equipped to support builders.

After SALES Service

We are dedicated to providing the best quality service throughout your project, ensuring our commitment to excellence extends beyond delivery. Our team is here to support you before, during, and after your project.


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