Glencoe Group manufactures prefabricated timber wall frames, floor joist systems, roof trusses, and structural steel for the residential construction industry.
We are the ideal one-stop shop for frame stage construction, delivering on our customer promise of best quality, best service, and safety in everything we do.
Timber Wall Frames

Glencoe Group produces Melbourne’s best wall frames. Taking pride in what we do at every stage, we keep you informed and up to date, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to getting your job right. During the quotation process and again before we start designing, we spend time getting to know your specific needs – then we get it done!

Understanding the importance of design and construction of timber wall frames, combined with providing a product that is suited to the individual needs of each customer, is our specialty.

Poor planning, design, products, or substandard workmanship leads to costly rectifications, lengthy delays, and crushes project profits. At Glencoe we understand the true benefit of identifying hidden problems and addressing them before the job starts. We make it our business to find what’s wrong in your plans and work with you to fix it before your products go to site, ensuring a smooth and streamlined process when it comes to installing your complete frame stage.

This is what truly sets Glencoe Group apart from other suppliers.

Timber Floor Joist Systems

Offering a multitude of products including I Joist, Meyjoist, Hyspan, Spanjoist and solid joist amongst other floor joist systems, Glencoe Group focuses on the robust and most-popular metal web floor joist system, the MultiStrut.

Like the industry recognised Posi-Strut, MultiStrut are the ideal floor joist system. Combining the strength of steel with the versatility of timber and the large open web, lightweight design offers huge advantages to the savvy builder.

Our highly experienced designers look closely at product performance to ensure you find the most suitable solution for your project. Every floor system is engineered specifically for the individual project and Glencoe Group provides expertise and support to help you choose the right product and best design for you.

Timber Roof Trusses

Using advanced design software and highly trained industry experts, Glencoe Group can design and supply roof trusses from the most straightforward through to the most complex, or bespoke, architecturally designed projects.

The design and performance of our trusses is critical and the key focus of Glencoe Group. We understand each project and builder is unique and requirements differ rapidly. At Glencoe Group, construction is what we do best.

Our roof trusses are designed and manufactured to the highest of standards with extra care and consideration given to individual performance preferences or requirements. We use the Australian Standards as a last resort option for rare occasions rather than the norm. Our focus is the delivery of higher standard products, ensuring the builder is protected from claims for the entirety of their builder’s warranty period.

With our proven track record of 0% product failure, you can take comfort in knowing that Glencoe Group products will not fail.

Structural Steel

Utilising the world’s best steel detailing software, Tekla Structures, along with our own unique timber design integration methods, Glencoe sets a new bar when it comes to creating highly accurate and detailed plans for residential construction.  

By leveraging our timber expertise in the creation of structural steel components, we seamlessly integrate these critical frame stage products to save time, money, and project management stress. 

Our meticulous approach ensures that every detail is accounted for, particularly in areas that are easily and often overlooked by others.  

We have full control or every aspect of our steel department with comprehensive inhouse estimating, detailing, manufacturing, delivery, and installation services. Our dedicated construction teams, including experienced project managers, consist of highly trained qualified carpenters, welders, crane operators, and dogman.   

Our core value of “safety in everything we do” ensures you can trust our team of experts to manage the steel installation stage of your project safely and effectively.   

Loose Framing Materials

At Glencoe Group, to ensure we are truly a one-stop shop for your frame stage, we offer a comprehensive range of loose framing materials required to complete the frame stage. Thanks to our efficient supply chain, we provide high-quality materials at the most competitive prices.  

Loose framing materials include all structural timber framing materials, particle board flooring, scyon flooring for wet areas, loose rafters, graded battens, timber infills for steel beams, parapet materials, and parti-wall products for fire and sound rating. For a comprehensive list of products we supply, contact us to speak with one of our friendly sales team.       

Glencoe Group ensures your structural timber and steel products integrate seamlessly.


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